Sunday, July 20, 2008

IT Acquaintance Party 2008

This year's IT acquaintance party was sure to be the most unforgettable IT party for my whole stay in MSU-IIT as member of the Junior Information Technology Society (JITS). Yesterday's big day started with all the teams of IT, GREEN, BLUE, RED and PINK presenting and shouting our prepared cheers.





After that first part, the AMAZING RACE IT version started. Our IT president then gave us the first clue of the first station. After reading the first clue, my team (Green) headed on to the ROTC office to d our first task - To solve all sides of a Rubric's Cube. Luckily, my member that was picked to do the task (yes...the organizers were the one who picked who will do it) knows how to do it. And so we were successful and received our next clue to the basketball court to perform a simple dribbling of the ball. All members were tasked to do it. After that station, we then ran our feet off to one of the University's building to do Long Line in that building's hallway using our things we have on hand. And so after we did it, we then went to where the flag pole was located to sing our university's hymn while freezing and showing a setting of a zoo with us acting as animals! That was really hilarious! LOL. Lastly, we went to a place that was considered "TBA" or To Be Arranged. At first, all of us were confused where to go but after we realized that when an IITian asks where is "TBA," another student will surely say, "LIKOD sa GYM (at the back of the Gym)! Hahahaha! Ang so we went there! We then solved our last challenge to receive our last clue! The last one was tough. We were ask to determine an output of a JAVA program. After the combined powers of my GREEN Team, we got our last clue and that is - to go to our building as our final station. When we arrived there, all flags we gathered we got from all the station by our president and told us that we were SECOND in the race. NOT BAD! LOL. Congrats to BLUE as first and us as Second, Red was third and PINK was the last! Hahahahaha!

After that super exciting race, we then went to the TIMOGA Spring Pools, the main venue of our party. Of course, we then took pictures of our tired faces yet very excited and looking forward on what will happen next. Here are some of our pics.

We were crazy! We were really like animals that were freed on cells and were given the chance to explore the jungle! hahahaha!

The food...yah...the Food. There were plenty! Enough for everybody. Though I didn't like some of them. But all in all, it was okay!

We dipped ourselves into the the refreshing waters of the natural spring pools. It was fun.

Disco of course! Ray was leading the chorus stepping of the very famous and redundant "LOW!" It was one of my favorite parts of the party! Almost all of the "dancerous" IT peepz went to the dance floor and danced like there's no more tomorrow!

The whole party was well participated. This was I think the year where in almost all of the IT students went and joined the unforgettable event. Indeed this year marked a very successful acquaintance party that will surely be added as one of the most-cherished part of the journey of all IT peepz who joined!


  1. looks so fun! would love to see the video of the chorus dance LOW. hehehe

  2. wow! seems u really had so much fun

  3. hahaha lingaw ko
    (englisha lage mo dre..
    bisaya lang ko para iba.. hahaha)