Monday, July 21, 2008

Education and Reality

Tonight well, I'll be studying my two major subjects Software Metrics and Concepts of Operating System. We will be having our Preliminary exam for Metrics tomorrow and a quiz of Chapter 4 for OS.

I must be motivated for tonight. LOLz. I really need to get this especially Metrics since tomorrow would be the first of the three major exams. Maybe I can't visit my blogger friends for tonight but don't worry, I'll still turn on my computer and refresh my page so I would still be able to get your messages or should I say, IMPORTANT messages straight from my Chatbox (^_^).

This is a life of a student! I can't do anything but to comply, comply and comply with all the demands of the big arena of learning. Because of that when I get lazy to study my lessons, I often think of quitting school! But as I am saying that, a lightning of reality would always hit and make me realize that education will be my one and only treasure I can have that will never be stolen! So I should stick to that reality so I'll have the reason to aim higher and develop more my capabilities to be more or have a greater chance to be successful in life.

And so I must start now! I'll be getting my notes now and seriously sit in my bed and inject that knowledge, concepts and ideas into this challenged brain (^_^).

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  1. good luck to your exams. btw, i just voted for Vicey. :)

    btw, bloggers who have thier own domains can't leave a comment per your comment settings. so for now i am commenting using my wordpress blog when waht i really want is commenting from my domain.

    happy studying.


  2. wow good luck for your exam... remember major subject yan..

  3. Good luck on your exam...I'm a student too so I understand EVERYTHING you're saying about're right not to give up though! I've seen so many people who let the stresses of studying get to them and it's really a shame. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Goodluck to your exams.. perfect ha! Namiss ko tuloy student life..pressures sa exams..buti na lang that time di pa uso ang blogging..hehehehe

    I'll add your blogs in my list na.. thanks :]