Friday, July 18, 2008

My Magical Bling Gnome


Online video games are one of the best inventions of today's generation. There have been a lot of these kind of games in the internet and almost all of these are really exciting and entertaining. But sometimes our curiosity urges us to ask and find more of the usual online video games we usually play with. We always look for NEW video games that will offer us more features that will surely challenge us.

For those beings who are fan of online video games like me, I have good news for you. There's this new Fantasy MMORPG game called Dungeon Runners that you can download and play for FREE. In this 3D fantasy world, you can actually be a hero by fighting evil hordes such as the giant icky monsters, discover new weapons, unlock powerful new skills as you gain experience on your journey into the unknown and obtain the hippest magical creature ever called Bling Gnome.

Your Bling Gnome will follow you throughout your journey. Amazingly, this humorous and helper gangster has the ability to pick up the gold dropped on the ground for you auto-magically, eat your unwanted items and converting them into gold by doing a simple golden squat! Truly, when I played the free game, I really enjoyed watching my Bling Gnome doing that stuff. Take a look at my pimped Bling Gnome that's producing gold for me! Hurray!

Explore fantasy with Dungeon Runners together with your Bling Gnome! Download the game now!

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