Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pointer Public Relations

For over two decades, Pointer PR LLC is helping trusted companies and brands such as Microsoft, US Bank, Minute Maid, and MSNBC and has established in-house PR functions for publicly traded Internet pioneers such as Go2Net and Marchex by providing them a complete range of results-focused public relations services. Basically, Pointer PR LLC is dedicated and credible of providing high quality PR Services rooted in sound strategy, smart execution, relevant relationships from baseline strategic planning to tactical implementation and just enough humor to keep the process enjoyable.

Pointer PR LLC will be providing you five major categories of the services. These are the PR and Communications Planning, Media Relations and Press Outreach, Media Training, Public Speaking and Presentation Training and Writing.

PR and Communications Planning will be the very start in assessing the past strategies that your company had accomplished and what has not been done yet. And so, Pointer PR LLC will then help you plan strategic goals and be able to discuss what can an effective PR and communications program do to further these. With Media Relations and Press Outreach, you clients will benefit from the trusted and relevant media and analyst relationships Pointer PR has built with key print, broadcast, and online media outlets with traditional tactics to support media relations include press releases, media advisories, press conferences, planned news events and many more. Media Training will provide you techniques and strategies on good public relations on how you and your company should face the press after launching your product or services. Public Speaking and Presentation Training will boost your employees' good speaking abilities. Your company employees will be able to learn:

1) How to fully prepare for the speech or presentation;
2) Specific delivery tips and techniques;
3) How to evaluate and improve.

Lastly, as we all know Writing or written communication can be an effective way to convey your company's goals and the value of your product. Pointer PR LLC will provide you articles or even special event scripts and speeches in order for your company to beat the odds.

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