Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blowing Up a $60,000 S.U.V!

For what???


Yes! You read it right! A man named Ryan Mickle seems like a sane guy when he decided to blow up his $60,000 S.U.V to save the present situation of our planet. It all started when he launched and let online voters decide the fate of his car. Of course, the voters decide to set it on fire! Although I find this idea very clever and funny, yet I admire Mickle's willingness to give up his possession for the greater good!

Mickle promises his gas-guzzler will be taken off the road, never to emit another hydrocarbon.

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  1. I've read the entire article and while it seems crazy to give up your car just for what people have collectively voted on, it does have it merits, like generating conversation about saving the world, as what the article said. Let's see how this ends...or not. =)

  2. Damn! that's insane! let us blow all our cars to the ground! haha! on second thought... argh..

  3. It's interesting but insane! Just wonder the people who voted has sacrifice their cars too or just trying to vote for fun? :)