Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Meaning Behind The Words

"Hope is good for breakfast, but not necessarily for supper."

What does that mean to you? Well for me I think that means hope can be one of the most wonderful thing we could do as soon as we wake up to start a new day. Meaning, hoping is free. We can really do it but as the hours of our day turns to darkness and the worst things we did not expect came to possibility, well, hope can no longer be the HOPE we had on that early morning. What I really mean is that, in the start we can hope and at the end of the day, that hope can be gone and will just impossible because of the factors and things that happen in the hours between breakfast and supper.

By the way, the above quote was from Mort Zuckerman the keynote speaker at the Big Apple Awards. D S Simon quoted that one because I really think there is this hidden meaning behind it that will again make us think of how politics can be very dynamic and complicated! Take a look at this video and visit D S Simon Vlog Views for more.

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