Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My VISA Electron Card

The other day, I got my VISA Card and I was so happy about it. I applied for this card for almost three weeks ago! That was a long wait but it's okay now!

Now I can validate my PayPal and be able to get my money! Weeiii! Hahahaha!

FYI, this is my first card and I am so glad I got this now! Thanks to UnionBank! : )


  1. nindota gud. wa may union bank diri. nya di pa pud ko kasign up sa paypal kay wa pa nag 1 month akong bag-o nga blog.

  2. waahhh! c00L marky! preho jud atung card!..union bank and all..hahah! same card, same problem..same nosebleed...haaayyyy! hihi!

    question lng.. sa fern c ni courtesy..kaw pod??..