Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love the Morning Air

It's 3:50 A.M. in my time and i am already awake to do some finishing tasks on different matters even though I can feel that these kinky eyes are still sleepy. (^_^)

What's good about today is that, I can feel the morning air gently kissing my neck and thus make me have goosebumps that is surely outrageous! I may be exaggerating now, but it's true. I love the quiet frame of time especially at this time of the day when you are the only one awake. I can think clearly as if I don't have other problems in mind.

So...Good Morning from Philippines!


  1. Great Morning to you Marky dear! :)

  2. Good Morning! Greatings from Baguio! Got here through SocialSpark! Great blog and well said! I hope you get to visit my blog too!