Friday, July 11, 2008

Super Gifted Young Girls

If you can still remember, I've featured a young girl here in my blog named, Connie Talbot, one of the best finalist in the very big show Britain's Got Talent about a month ago. From then on, I am already following that amazing girl over Youtube and other shows where I can possibly see her and listen to her angelic and calm voice. I don't know but I really find her very adorable and very much lovable!

Gladly, I found again an inspiring video of her in Youtube during her visit at one of the most famous shows in Korea, the Star King. And in addition, with her is a young and talented blind Korean girl named Yoo Ye Eun who accompanied her while singing her version of You Raise Me Up. It's very touching. Watch this video.

FYI, the blind girl only listens to Talbot while singing the notes and then accompany her with the right chords. The blind girl really never learned the chords before. Amazing isn't it?

Hope to see more of Talbot in the future as a BIG Singing Sensation!

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