Monday, July 14, 2008

I Need Help in Entrecard

Yes! I need help. Can anyone tell me how does Entrecard work? I can't understand their HELP page. LOL. I really need simple and basic information regarding the site. It seems everybody is using it and I don't wanna be left behind! Hehee.

I am already registered. I once put my widget here so anyone and everyone can"DROP"...yah...what is DROP anyway? What can I get from Entrecard? Money? Traffic? What are those credits they are talking about? How can I design my own widget to drop? I've visited "EDIT" page but I couldn't see where can I re-design my widget. I am really hungry for the information from this site. Can anyone help me? Your simple help and time would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Kindly comment on this post please if you want to share some basic knowledge regarding this site. Thanks!

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  1. hi marky,

    i may not have all the info you're asking about but i want to answer everything i know about entrecard:

    once you have signed up, you're going to decide which widget you want to use. there's already a ready-to-use in the edit side. you just choose which one you like. the other option is to make your own widget (size 125x125). you can do this using photoshop or any other photo editors. then you have to upload it in your account. then you have to grab your widget code from entrecard and place it on your blog's sidebar. then it will show your widget and other friend's wdiget. then there's drop word which bloggers who have entrecard account can hit the drop and they earn points by doing that and at the same time, you earn points by that drop. on your widget, bloggers will advertise their own widget to your entrecard and when you accept that, their widget will be shown and not yours. the main goal of entrecard is for traffic. when you earn enough from dropping and by being dropped, you can advertise your own widget on other people's blog by going to campaign button. if that blogger approves your advert, then your widget will be shown too. which when clicked, will direct bloggers to your blog.

    you can do a few things with the credits you earn... by buying ads, and by selling it. bloggers who's got a lot of credits now are selling their credits to those newbies who want to have credits and advertise their blog. hmmmm. this is rather long explanation. i hope i'm making sense. if you don't understand some of the things i'm saying, you may get back to me again. :)