Monday, July 14, 2008

A Great Audio Adventure


Are you bored of watching your all time favorite adventure movies and shows? Do you find those adventure stories really predictable? Well, switch to something better and new! This time, LISTEN to the unique adventure stories that are really unpredictable and exciting from Leviathan Chronicles.

Leviathan Chronicles is an audio adventure conceptualized by Christof Laputka, the writer and producer of the adventure. This unique series will surely bring back those days when you and your imagination were just the one experiencing the adventure. The series will definitely gave you an exciting twist on the usual adventure stories you see and watch.

I listened on the first chapter of the series entitled Evil Undertow. The chapter started with you being brought to a wide spread of ocean on a quiet dawn six years back. A highly advanced Chinese submarine is on a mission to deliver an otherworldy cargo to the deepest part of the Earth, the Marianas Trench. Unfortunately, the vessel encountered a problem while maneuvering their way in to the trench. On that same moment, they were intercepted by USS Dakota, an American submarine and the great story follows next! So be sure to listen to the first episodes and experience the adventure you thought you could never experience.

Leviathan Chronicles is best listened while you are having a coffee break in work, before going to sleep and even at your free time in school. You can really listen to this adventure series anywhere and anytime by simply downloading the episodes and put it in your portable audio players like your iPod! Great isn't it? So be sure to check out there site and listen to the adventures that could level up your wildest imagination to the highest level!

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