Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The pictures you are about to see are one of the most wonderful recorded memories in my school with my classmates. Our professor wasn't able to come to the class because of a heavy rain (again?). Maybe he was stranded somewhere during our class schedule. And so, all of us were so happy and one of my classmates, Bonjing, took out her camera and took pictures of us jumping our butts off, away from the ground and fighting gravity! Take a look.

We really enjoyed every moment of that jumping thing and the funny part is, when we woke up the next morning, almost all of us have already this aching muscles on the legs and at the back! LOL. But for me, the pain won't cover this unforgettable moment that I'll forever remember as one of the best chapters in my school life!


  1. Na-exercise hehe.

    Wow, I can never seem to get good shots of jumping people. Ano technique nyo? :D

  2. what a great memories! btw, I voted for you! graveh....sure na ang panalo...hehehehe...congrats!

    korean food

  3. hehehe, this is real fun! Halatang nag eenjoy ka. Done voting for you :-)

    Have a lovely day ahead,

  4. Wow, nice jumping shots. Sure fun when taking those photos :)

  5. haha. marky! lupad! ;p

    malingaw jud kos imo mga posing sa lupad2 mark... haha..

    -bonj. ;)