Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Harry Potter Six Teaser Trailer Released

Listen you all wizards and witches fans of Harry Potter! The official teaser trailer of the sixth installment of our all time favorite movie was released by Warner Brothers just this July 29, 2008. The sneak peak of the HP6 unveils the young Voldemort! See below the video I got from Youtube.

As what you can observe, the genre and the setting of the story was indeed becoming dark and dangerous. I know all of us are really excited to see this film in the big screen! We'll just have to wait and must realize that November is not that far from now! For the meantime, just take a look also at these production photos from HP6.


  1. Hmmm Looking forward on seing this movie... Thanks for sharing Marky and have a great day..
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  2. i love this movie and i am so exited to see this movie on widescreen
    anyways i already added u in my blogroll