Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Code 172: What is it?


As a mortal, what legacy would you leave in this complicated world? How and what powerful mark would you live? Will you save mankind? Can you still be one of the great healers of this weeping planet?

Almost all of us have unique perception and outlook regarding the things that is happening in our Earth now and of the events we might experience in the future. We have this kept thoughts that sometimes we just want someone from outer space, unlike us, hear it so they would also know what is happening here in our planet and of this 21st century we are in to.

But, I've done this. I've been a part of Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity. The operation let me leave a motto or a message to be sent to the universe, my Code 172. My message with code 172 simply implies that a person's life is as complicated as this planet's rotating journey. I chose this message to be sent to the universe for simple one reason: our life is connected with how we live in this planet. Humankind and the world are one. So we must realize that when we become better and good, this down planet would somehow be improved and be healed again, even thought not to its "best" but at least to the "better".

If you want to leave a message or motto to be sent to the universe and know more about my Code 172, visit now and let your legacy live forever!

Sponsored by Operation Immortality

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