Monday, July 28, 2008

My Day Today

It's been a tiring yet very exciting day for me. First, I am so happy now that I have successfully delivered my report in one of our major class. Although I wasn't so contented with what I've presented and what I've discussed, still I am so glad that my professor liked the way I talked and the way I presented the data. I really never expected that reaction from her.

Second, I went to the Union Bank to deposit a small amount of money to my Visa card in order for me to confirm my PayPal account. Believe me, that was my first bank transaction in my whole 19 years! At first I asked the security guard on what tot do first, and he helped me. Everything went smooth and okay. I hurriedly went home and got my card our of my wallet and verify my PayPal account. Although I still have to wait for about 2-3 days for me to have my 4-digit PayPal code, still I am so glad that I've finished doing the first step.

After that, I got some afternoon sleep (Filipinos do this actually, and I am so proud to say that I am doing this too). When I woke up, I saw that my friend Eddel texted me about a Pop Dance practice later that afternoon. And so afte I changed my clothes, I then went to school to attend my 4:30 PM major class. Luckily(or maybe not for some), a heavy rain again poured causing my professor to be stranded somewhere and wasn't able to hold our class! Great!

And so, about that Pop Dance practice thing, yah, I am a dancer. I am not really good but I somehow know some techniques and moves. LOL. We started our practice for this year's Pasudayag, a college event and friendly competions that showcases talents and and greatness in sports and literary today. That was so tiring! The dance demands us to jump and jump and jump! Wohoo! I should share some picture of that first practice to you, maybe in the coming days. We only have 5 days to go before the final performance, it's so near I know! So we'll be practicing again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on until before the very last final performance. I'll share to you what happened in the coming days.

Lastly, I happy I'm home, already eaten, washed the dishes and able to blog even though very tired. Hehehe. I don't know. I am just really addict now in blogging especially when you guys, my internet buddies are happy reading my posts! You just rock! *wink.


  1. naku preho ta.. nag open pod ko ug paypal account..hehe! pro nosebleed ko.. sa 4 digit code nga ilang gna pangayu... strike 2 na gane ko kay pirmi mali nga code ang ma enter.. waahhhh!

    marky favor, if you've successfully confirmed yours, pwede ko nimu ingnon how..or asa dri ang codes..hehe! salamat kaayu hah! if ine lng pod sa imo..salamat!

  2. Hey, what a day.

    And about ur dancing, probably can take video and show us here :)

    All the best ya..for the performance....

  3. aha you're a dancer pala.. I used to pero that was long long time agao. Have fun Marky
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