Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have an Edge with Cisco Certification

Nowadays, we cannot anymore deny the fast growing and innovation of the modern technology and the society we are in to. Because of this, rapid competitions among workers and employees are already observed since almost all of the people are aiming higher than our usual status and level in the workplace or soon to be their workplace. In addition, we really need something like training and certification that would really make us credible enough to do tasks to improve well our real score. But where can we find good, credible and reliable certification programs? Easy. Cisco certification program is just a click away!

Cisco Networking Academy is a social learning network where you and other IT enthusiast can join hand in hand to enhance and advance your IT career. In Cisco, you can discover more about the future of networking technology and at the same time participate in exciting conversations about advancing your career. They offer the following certification paths that you can master: Routing and Switching, Design, Security, Service Provider, Storage Networking, Voice and Wireless.

I am an IT student and currently training and improving my capabilities with the help of Cisco Networking Academy through our certified Cisco network engineer professor. The training is very simple. It is really focusing in the "real" and "practical" approach in the IT world. I really believed him when he says that with Cisco, especially us, IT students, will surely have the greater chance to be employed in big companies and be able to earn more.

Have an edge and empower yourself! Enroll at Cisco and get your Cisco certification now because your journey into the world of IT career possibilities starts here.

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