Friday, June 27, 2008

The Internet Connection

For several days already, I am really annoyed and irritated of the interuption of my Internet connection. I don't know what's happening but for almost a month now, everytime the internet connection is gone, I must really have to restart the modemn and wait for about 2minutes to have it again.

Sometimes, whenever I have to download something, I am really freakin' busted everytime the connection is gone coz that's the real and primary reason that I can't complete downloading.

Yeah..yah. I already called my Internet Service Provider (ISP) and told them the situation. They just told me that they will do what they can do. Urgh....I am really pissed off!

I'll just have to wait what they can do and call them VERY MUCH OFTEN forthem to realize they're giving me an unconvincing service!

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