Friday, June 27, 2008

Cisco Certification For A Better Life

The world's fast changing technology had really affect lives and transformed it from simple to more opportunities for the bigger world. This growth of modern and most useful technologies opens the world for people who need jobs, or better jobs for self accomplishment and success.

I am a senior student now here in Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I admit it that I am not one of those top students who eat computers twenty four hours a day. I am just an average student whose journey to the IT career has just started for presently, I am under a Cisco Network Engineer professor.

I can always remember what he told us about Cisco Training Program on our first meeting and it did really inspire me to pursue this career. He told us about the practicality of learning that we can get through Cisco program. He told us also about how the training can well benefit us to have an edge on those students who is studying IT. Also, he well informed us about having a Cisco certification and how can we be credible of our own expertise and chosen career because of this training.

Global demand is growing for IT professionals at all levels. With Cisco Cisco certification, we will surely have a greater leap in our own career. This would serve as the golden key to a better life and a better future. With Cisco, you can learn and understand how computer languages and techniques connect the world and learn it as well. For your information, Cisco offers a various and in demand certification paths that you’ll specialize. These are Routing & Switching, Design, Security, Service Provider, Storage Networking, Voice and Wireless.

So, if you have enough interest and determination to be successful, join the Cisco Learning Network now because your journey into the world of IT career possibilities starts here.

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