Saturday, May 10, 2008

...And They Were Broken!

At long last! Josef is now evicted in the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus! Woohho! From the very first start of that season, I really never find him attractive..(well I know I'm not too) because all I can see in him is purely "OVER." Over confident, Over Acting, Over Feeler and Over Fat! Wohooow...some of Josef's supporters might kill me now!

With regards to the title of this post, hhhmm...well, HELL YEAH!!!!! ....(drum rolls).


The latest PBB Teen Plus Eviction night, (May 10, Saturday), really gave me so much satisfaction! The result of the voting on whether who should stay inside the house just turn out to be just..not just "just" but very very very excellent! Finally, JOSEF WAS EVICTED and Nikki the "CONSERVATIVE FLIRT" was left behind and also Rona. Nikki or Nicole...hhhmmm.. yeah.. atleast she was saved but I want her out of the house also. I really don't like what she's doing inside the house considering she has a commitment outside..(but I don't really care that much!). I don't know, maybe I just don't like her seeing her bloom inside that big yellow house that way. Her mother always reminds her that their family is conservative, but "lol" to Nicole!!!! SHE'S NOT!!!! weeiii...

At last, they are broken! I'm not thankful about this thing because they are both tied up to each of their partners outside the house but I'm thankful that one of them went out the house last night because I don't like seeing them in TV flirting..and flirting.. and lastly FLIRTING! It's good to flirt once in a while...or (6 times on 6 days a week..-except sunday! *grin*)! but not to flirt with flirt people!!!!!! You might end up being parents! (WHHHAAAT? What am I talking about here.??? lol.

We'll at last! They were broken!!!!!!!!!!

For Josef, good luck "OA guy" in flirting outside!

For the "CONSERVATIVE NIKKI", don't cry!!!!!! Just don't cry, try to flirt with another else.


For the two OVER-ACTING "good example" teens in this season of PBB, there is nothing wrong with you! You are good examples! Absolutely, you deserve to be called "IDOLS!"

*cross fingers*


Here is the final tally of votes.

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