Monday, April 28, 2008

Robi is Nominated!

Wooh! Robi is nominated for this week. Since just last week, the guardians have already the power to nominate a teen housemate. The teen housemate who has the highest points from the selection process from the guardians will automatically be nominated. And now, for this week, my personal favorite and maybe your favorite also has been chosen by the guardians to be nominated for eviction. Most of their reasons state that Robi don't need the money, that he is already fulfilled as a teen, that somebody needs more the prize of PBB Teen Plus. But I say different. It's not about Robi's status in life, it's about him. His skills, his thoughts, his abilities, his leadership and his intelligence. We're not friends of Robi, but I believe he can be an inspiration to his peers as he is to me! People, Robert Marion Domingo needs our help!

Let's vote for him!

BB Robi

2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayantel Wireless Landline
231 for Smart, Talk&Text and Addict Mobile

Please take note that Robi only got 1 single point from the teen housemates but the highest pointer in the guardians and made him nominated!

The other nominated housemates are:


RONA and


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