Thursday, May 1, 2008

Downloads Bar!

Hi visitors, the DOWNLOADS BAR is located at the right part of this page. Please feel free to download the files there while it is still available. The Downloads Bar has different parts with corresponding downloadable files under it. For now, the parts of TIKLATON Downloads Bar and the files available on each part are shown below.

Harry Potter 7 E-book
Harry Potter 6 E-book

Sad Video: Cellphone

Please do not abuse all the files shared to you by this blog. Once a report has been submitted regarding abusing of some files, the owner of this blog will delete that file automatically. The good thing is, you can request a file such as, e-books, video clips, movies, songs, images and etc. to be placed in the DOWNLOADS BAR for you to download and be used personally. This is free so grab the opportunity!

More downloadable files will be available in the coming days.

Enjoy at TIKLATON!

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