Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Life of a Computer

If our computers can talk, what would probably be the words that would come out from them? What would they tell us? What are their complains? Basically, if they just talk, they would tell you many important things about their lives that say...

"Each day I am used. From morning 'til dawn then morning again to dawn, it's a cycle you know. Sometimes or most of the time, I don't can't find that best time to sleep. There's nos such thing as day and night to us, oh well for most of us. It's just pretty sad that some of us are old now and that we helped humans a lot but still they are not taking good care of us. They let us take a bath with dust and let us heat up too much. It's just sad knowing that I am an extraordinary computer like that of a laptop from HP."

Well folks, most probably those will be the words from our computers. For sure some of them are complaining already that they are already old and maybe not that useful to you anymore so they wanted to rest. So what are you waiting for? Replace those old computers today and let them rest.

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  1. My computer is saying thanks. I just bought a new one 2 wks ago. The old one served me well. I replaced my pc with an HP even, so your post has me smiling. I do blow away the dust often from my computer who greatly appreciates it. I talk nice to my computer most of the time, we're very close.

    My computer does get regular hours of sleep, and since I know it likes quiet time, I don't turn the sound on all the time.

    Tomorrow football season for OSU starts, that means my computer will have Sat. off. Wonder what it's going to do?

    thanks for placing my advert, it's appreciated. Hope you'll swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.

  2. This is my first visit, thanks for visiting our blog.

    Dorothy from grammology

  3. even my laptop is old.....thinking of getting a new one.......its's don't have emotions.......