Friday, June 12, 2009

Stylish Purse

My day today was great. First I woke up and thanked God for the continuous blessings he is giving us. Of course I then turned in my computer to check my e-mails and after that, I then took a bath. After I freshen up, my mom then told me to go with her in the mall because she wants to buy something. So I went to the mall with my mom after that.

While we were there, that is when I knew that she was looking for a purse that would add an accent to her dress that she will wear on their coming teacher’s night. We looked over to the ladies bags section but we did not find the best purse. So we just decided to transfer to other stores but still we did not find the purse that we are looking for. So we just went home.

While at home, I then remembered about this online website that I visited the other day called StyleHive. StyleHive sells a wide collection of ladies products and that includes the purse that my mom was looking. I show their products to my mom and told me that she will buy some of their products soon. Thanks to StyleHive, my mom’s quest for purse was over.

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