Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Have That Car Allowance

My cousin at present is a young professional and is working at a company that manufactures some goods for children. He has his own and I believe his personal car is very useful to him especially with business matters. He often uses it to travel to attend some conference and other conventions and still related to his job. Fortunately, he is working in a company that gives car allowance for those mobile employees.

I asked him about car allowances and he told me that is some kind of vehicle reimbursement program where in those employees who are using their personal cars in a business matters will be refunded with the true cost of their expenses. Also, he told me that it is a way of reimbursing their employees who are using their personal cars in going to their working place. Car allowance is a great benefit to attract prospective employees to work for a certain company, he said. I asked him then, how does their company compute the right refund. He told me about some great websites that offer this kind of service for those companies with mobile employees and one of those is Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. (CRS) found at crsinc.com!

After that time, I now understood what a car allowance is and how it can benefit the employees of a certain company.

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