Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Brand New Challenge

Hi everyone! How's your day so far? Well, for me I am kinds tired now after studying four topics for my Math long quiz tomorrow. As what I've told you before... hehehe I really hate Math but still I have to study harder because as a student who wants to get a diploma someday, I have no choice!

I don't find numbers really friendly (except of course...counting money! ahaha LOL). I usually don't like topics that are related to numbers hehee. So yah... now I am preparing for a "brand new challenge" for tomorrow. I know it's gonna be not easy for me but still I'll just do my best so I'll go home happy and very much contented. Hehe. And oh... BTW, Christmas is coming huh?! I am really hoping to have a Christmas vacation where in I know that I passed all my preliminary exams that will happen next week! LOL. Pray for me!

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