Saturday, November 1, 2008

What's Up With Me

Hi everybody, I hope you are all enjoying the start of your weekend. Let me just share to you about what's up with me today.

Actually, I am kinda irritated with the rain late this afternoon. It has hard making all the pathways from my house to my grandma's so slippery with full of mud. Although I really like the idea or the coldness of rain, still I don't like the fact that it causes the streets to be unsafe. Anyway, on the lighter side, today here in my place or here in the Philippines is All Saint's Day. From the name of the day itself, we can say that this day is for all the saints! Hehee. My mom cooked some "caldereta," "biko," and other famous Filipino foods that are usually served during this kind of celebration. Also, tomorrow is the All Soul's Day and we are planning to visit our dead relatives at the cemetery! Hehehe. I know they are sleeping so peacefully already but I also know they can hear us. We'll give them some food offers as part of the Filipinos tradition.

That's it folks.

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