Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yovia's YouTube Experiment

YoviaI know almost all of us, Internet users around the globe know how to use YouTube when it comes to promoting ourselves and our achievements. But actually, even though we think that we know how to make good videos still we need to know what causes something to go viral on YouTube?

Lately, some researchers from Yovia after so many years of studying, is attempting to answer this question through a methodology called "Social Velocity." This is actually a way to predict viral growth and tells us on why something spreads. To introduce this social media methodology, Yovia is currently accepting applicants for their 2009 YouTube Social Velocity Experiment. Since Yovia found that YouTube provides the perfect environment for testing and understanding viral growth, they will personally work with you to model your social community via YouTube – and grow a community around your brand as you go. The experiment will start on the first week of January, 2009, will run for six months and include 2 monthly online teleconferences.

Basically, in this experiment, you will find answers to the questions:
  • What types of videos will do 'the best' on YouTube?
  • How can you use YouTube to create a viral 'ad network' for your website?
  • How can you use YouTube to gain natural search rankings on Google?
  • What combination of content, connections, community and conversion will create optimal 'Social Velocity' for your company?
  • How can you solicit user-generated content to increase the breadth and depth of your content?
  • How can you work with YouTube directly to increase exposure for your videos?
So I think it is best when you start signing up today create and executable social media strategy for your company!


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