Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sweet Rainy Season

The roads are getting wet. The walkways are getting muddy. The Slopes are getting slippery and it's the best time to sleep especially in the afternoon. If you have winter there at west, we have rainy season here in our tropical country.

December is almost here and it's getting cold here in the Philippines. I know some countries now are feeling that their winter is coming and let me just tell you that here in the Philippines, it's getting cold also. Although we don't experience those cold and white snow, still Filipinos are very much happy and contented with the lovely rain pouring outside our window panes that will symbolize blessings and love from up above. I don't know what makes the rain so special but the fact that when you go out of the house and feel those tiny cold droplets pouring above you is enough for me to say that rain is one of the magnificent and mysterious things God made.

I hope you enjoy your season anywhere you are. Keep safe.

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