Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Very Hot October

My mom told me early this morning to print some of her school documents in an Internet Caf'e in the city. We don't have a printer all we are doing when we have to print something is go to the school or in a caf'e in the city. After I changed my clothes, I waited for a jeepney. I arrived in the city for about 20 minutes. I then went down the car and sad to say, the nearest Internet Caf'e is still around 30 meters away. I have no choice but to walk towards it. The most irritating this is, the weather was not cooperating. It was damn too hot. Although I have my eye shades with me, still it's really hot. I touched my head while I was walking and thought if my head is just liquid, it must be boiling already. Man, it was very hot. My head is almost it was already aching so I walked really fast.

I arrived at the caf'e. I printed the documents and immediately went to the school where my mom teaches. I gave her the papers and asked for snacks.. Hehehe. Luckily, she gave me "turon" and a soft drink. That was really refreshing. I then headed back home to finish some online stuffs. Here I am now. In our living room... sitting comfortably...though still can feel the sun's power outside.

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  1. nan ambot gali mag unsa ko diri samo run init kaayo and la ko kwarta..kailangan ra ba gyud ko maglipay before another sem starts!