Thursday, September 4, 2008

Virtual Worlds Don't Have to Cost Real Money!

Most of us are saying that "nothing is free today!" But luckily, there is such thing as "FREE ONLINE GAME!" And to tell you, the games listed on this posts are actually free! You don't have to pay and purchase it. You don't have to trade your real money to get all those mighty items and skills! All you need to do to get started is to download the client, create an account, and get playing these seven massively affordable games.


With all the color-packed visual appeal of a Saturday morning cartoon, Fiesta's just as deep and varied as any of the big-name PC massively multiplayer games, but -- like all Outspark games -- it's free to play. More>>>


Sporting a cool ten million accounts, Runescape is one of the biggest dogs in the free MMO park. If you've ever seen a crowd of pesky kids taking up all the computers in your local library playing some unidentified and confusing-looking game, chances are it was probably this one. More>>>

Ragnarok Online

Is this the only MMO in history to have spawned a cartoon series spin-off? Hailing - as a number of these games do - from the MMO-crazy land of South Korea, Ragnarok Online has a Viking-inspired back story and a cutesy anime style that you'll either love or hate. More>>>

Anarchy Online

Free massively-multiplayer games tend to be lighter in tone and simpler than commercial MMOs. Not so with the huge, sci-fi themed Anarchy Online - and that's because it used to be a monthly-fee game like World of Warcraft. More>>>

Perfect World International

Let's be honest: our idea of a perfect world involves a lot fewer monsters and a lot more marshmallows. But if your idea of a perfect world is inspired by Chinese mythology and features lots winged elves, massive weapons and mounted combat, check out this free-to-play MMO from China. More>>>


You could be forgiven for thinking this was an old-fashioned, two-dimensional side-scrolling platform game, because that's exactly what it looks like. But despite its archaic appearance, the hugely popular MapleStory is loaded with the same features as its bigger 3D cousins! More>>>

Dungeon Runners

Are the trappings of conventional massively-multiplayer games overwhelming? Do you just want to sprint through dungeons mashing up monsters? This decidedly tongue-in-cheek offering from MMO specialist NCSoft might be just what you need. More>>>

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  1. Keep an eye out for Runes of Magic as well.

    EA's Battlefield Heroes is also a great one to watch. It's currently in closed beta - but we got a chance to give it a go at the Games Convention in Leipzig....VERY cool stuff! :)