Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Sproutwells Received Packages

Wow! The fourth episode entitled "Fresh Deliveries" of The Sproutwells is here! The video was so funny! Well, the video simply shows that it is not good to get into others business especially with your neighbors. And in connection with that, let me just share to you that, we have this neighbor that always stick their nose to the things that our family is doing! Sometimes, when we buy some new goods or furniture, some of them are actually talking in our backs! That is, they become so insecure on the achievements that my family is receiving. Anyway, we just don't mind them at all.

On the lighter side, this Sproutwells video from freshfunds is actually promoting the GREEN lifestyle that all of must be in to! How I wish I can also recieve fresh deliveries from them such as healthy green snacks for me to keep stronger! So without further ado, watch the Sproutwells family, a typical fruit and veggie family living among humans who are just trying to fit in our world sprout out in this video!

So what are you waiting for? Join FreshFunds now and start bidding for exciting prizes for you to start you greener life!

Sponsored by Fresh Funds

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