Friday, September 26, 2008

The Playground

Our class ended early yesterday so me and my friends decided to unwind for a while at the mall. I don't know but going to that one mall is becoming a habit for all of us friends. Of course nothing is wrong with that, right? Now, as usual, we really don't want our stay at that mall to be boring and useless, out of craziness again (I am really glad that I got some cool and crazy friends), me and my friends were actually playing at the mall! When I say playing...I mean PLAYING! We made some of the things there as our props, we utilized the scenes there and gave life to the things that the mall was selling. It was like coming back to childhood when all was free and happy! Take a CLEAR look. Hehehe. Enjoy!

Our powers did not come out yet...Hehhe.
Background: PlyWoods, signifies our mall is not yet fully done!

The underwear show of Bencel and Bryan...

...and Augrae too!

As if we were cleaning. As if that was our house...LOL

Music is everywhere!

So...that was it! Of course we can't deny the real fact that some other curious people was looking on us but can't do anything but to raise their eyebrows! I hope this inpires you guys....that your friends, will always add not just the primary colors in to your life but of course, the secondary ones! We must all learn that everyday moments can be very extra unforgettable if we will just know how to make it worth-keeping! Happy life!

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  1. hahaha maau ra kay wala mo gibadlong da. sure nag have fun jud mo da.