Monday, September 15, 2008

A Lesson Learned

The other day was tough for me. I had stressed-out mind that kept on thinking where I left my eyeglasses. As you all know (I suppose), I actually have this defective eyes that's why I own corective lenses. Like any other people who have the same situation as mine, of course I am kinda dependent with that glasses to see things clearly.

The other was so was so busy. Together with my classmates, we often transfer to one classroom to another to complete some of our tasks for that day. Sometimes, we went to school computer lab to finish some computer works and sometimes in other rooms. With that, since I often place my eye glasses on desks where we are into an incident happened. Due to my carelessness, I lost it! I only noticed that I lost my "third and fourth" eye when I was already riding going home later that afternoon. Sad to know that I couldn't make the vehicle stop...

That night, at first I was okay. I thought I could always replace those glasses with a new one. Of course I can afford a new one so that's why I wasn't that sad. But as the night turns darker and quiet, when I was already alone in the living room, pain suddenly covers me. That moment, I became emotional thinking about the lost glasses. The memories and times that my glasses and me spent together was coming back and flushing again. I remembered also that a part of the money I paid for those glasses was from my own fruit of labor. So that made me really sad.

The next day, together with my classmates while waiting for our class to start, my friend who went early to the department's office told me that he found my glasses lying at my professor's desk. Of course hearing that, I was indeed very happy and immediately went to the office. I got my glasses and then remembered how it got there! I recalled that I had this project defense the day prior to that and I was at the same location where my friend found my glasses! I left it there I thought.

So the lesson. Well, I realized that it's not the money that really well defines an object but it's the sentimental value of the thing. How you got that one, how you benefited from it and how you spend a day with it. Another is that, it is not good to be careless at all times because that will harm us. Lastly and I think the most important lesson I've learned from that experience is that...

sometimes, we actually don't realize the value of a thing until we lost it!


  1. So true...

    My glasses and I have sort of a love/hate relationship. I have to wear them all the time, but I still manage to lose them sometimes and they'll be gone for weeks. Of course, I never truly appreciate them until I'm staring at a computer screen without them!

  2. good to hear you found your glasses c: