Sunday, September 14, 2008

Laarni: New Grand Star Dreamer

Laarni Lozada Pinoy Dream Academy New Grand Star Dreamer
The new Grand Star Dreamer has finally announced! Laarni, The dreamer from Sultan Kudarat, Philippines has made her way to be the best among other 15 dreamers from all over the Philippines. Laarni was one of the top students of the academy and today, she's even become the "Best among the Bests" of the much hit reality show Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA).

As we can all remember, Laarni had a hard time mingling with some of her co-scholars during the early months of PDA. This is because she was molded to be an independent girl because of personal family matters and destiny. But as a normal lady and a person who learns and accepts facts about life, Laarni has overcome and realized that there are also people who surround her that totally understands and would listen to her pain and willing to share what they have.

Tonight, marks the very start of Laarni's journey to the Philippine music industry! Congratulations Laarni!

To sum up this season's result, here it is:

6th Place - Cris
5th Place - Van
4th Place -  Zhel
3th Place -  Miguel
2nd Place -  Bugoy
1st Place - Laarni

Like the past season of PDA, it never leaves as anything else but the fact that even a simple being, rich or poor, can always dream and it's not possible to reach those dreams if we'll just have to work hard for it, pray and continue believing.

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  1. My bets were Laarni, Bugoy and Liezel for the Top3. Any of the three deserves to win. I was disappointed that Miguel's in 3rd place and not Liezel. She's stronger and more talented than Miguel.
    oh, well, congrats to Laarni!