Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend and Monday!

Wohoo, it's Monday again! I can say that it was a good weekend for me. I was able to relax here inn the house with my happy family and my funny dad. Also, last weekend, I was able to bond with my cool friends while strolling down at a new opened Gaisano mall here in our place.

As we all know, weekend is an opportunity for us to escape from the demanding world of work and school. Yes, and I consider weekend as the best and of course the most wonderful time of the week. But as all of us are saying, LIFE MUST MOVE ON because the time is ticking so we cant' do anything but to be in this start of the week which is Monday!

Well, Monday is also cool since this day will always reminds us that God has still given us the chance to experience again another winding ride of the coming week! This Monday will be the kick of start on the unpredictable events that will happen later this week!

So to that extent, all of us must at least hope for the best for ourselves, for our friends, for our family and for ALL living creatures in the world! : D

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