Thursday, August 14, 2008

Remembering The Past

Well, when i entered into this so-called blogging world or blogosphere, I never thought I could earn just by writing articles, reviewing websites and products and sometimes even doing videos starring myself (wow..hahaha)! Whooo, it is really funny to look back into those days when I was so "innocent" or amateur when it comes on looking and seeking for opportunities that I could write about. Hahahaha.. I was really asking before questions like.."how come..," "how did you...," or "is this true and legal?" Now, I'm not saying and I am not claiming that I am one of the the new born hardcore bloggers today! It's just that, I am more comfortable now and become quick and alert in catching "fishes".

Remembering those early blogging months of mine is sure to bring sweet smiles in my heart! Hehehe


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