Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are Your Quirks, Normal or Nuts?

We humans are naturally born with various wacky ways of expressing ourselves. Silly it may be sometimes, still we know that this could be the best ways to express what we feel or how we deal with life comfortably. With these ways, do we ever sometimes have that critical thinking whether what we do or how we act is still normal or shockingly nuts to the point that it needs an expert's consultation?!

There's this article in Reader's Digest, entitled Are You Normal or Nuts? that discusses about the reality of some of our oddities. In the article, some quirks of some people were presented and answered by some of the experts in psychology. I have this favorite quirk there that says:

>I have trouble concentrating. If I'm on the phone and someone in the room is talking to me, I block them both out. Driving home, I sometimes space out and can't remember big chunks of the trip. My head's always wandering into la-la land. Is that nuts?

For me, this quirk basically is normal in my own opinion. Sometimes, we people become so disturbed with all the things around us and thus sometimes we get rid of them and most of the time, wander!

You?Are You Normal or Nuts? Are you brave enough to share your wackiest quirks? For now, if you're not ready yet, why not visit Reader's Digest Laughs or to this LINK for you to enjoy Reader's Digest's loopy side!

Let's face it -- we're all a little nutty, but sometimes it's good to share it with the world and most of all, laugh about it!! 

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