Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Place

I woke up a while ago from my afternoon nap and realized that the rays of the sun was already kissing me since I was sleeping at the back part of our house, under a mango tree. I particularly like that area since the air is si fresh and the ambiance is really best as a resting place.

I remembered one day when my father put up a net above the area so that we will not be destruced my the dried mango leaves that might fall whenever we are sleeping. My father always do things that make us comfortable that's why I really like and idolize my father. Hehehe.

O yeah, right now, since I am again facing my computer and making this post, for sure I am done with mt afternoon sleep. And by the way, after I got up to enter the house, my sister then asked me,"are you done?" LOL. She asked my that since she was already waiting for me to wake up so she can tkae a rest too in that place.

Happy Life everybody!

1 comment:

  1. be thankful for your parents they provide u a comportable life..thats a wonderful blessing from God....have a nice day and NAP.