Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meet The Sproutwells

If you'll become a veggie, what type you would want to be? This question may sound funny but believe me, there are still some of us who make critical thinking on what vegetable would fit us and what type would describe more about ourselves. But if I'll be a veggie, I would rather become a SPINACH since it has Carotenoids and the antioxidant vitamins C and E that is believed to reduce the risk of fatal diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke. In this way, I can help people to live longer!
And talking about veggies, have you heard of the Sproutwells? If not, let me just tell you that sproutwells are just your typical fruit and veggie family living among humans. Amazingly, this unique family is trying to fit in our world! Watch them sprout out in the video below!

Did you enjoy watching them the way I do? Then share this video to your friends and family now! Believe me, the Sproutwells would make their life happier and healthier!

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  1. I never like cartoon.. But i watch Price of Tennis.. :-)

  2. hi..thanks for coming by...may i know where u got all those opps from? thank you...

  3. this is very healthy tip Marky, I will keep this in mind. This is actually the first time I heard about sproutwell. hmmm
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  4. Its much nicer you have embedded comment form here.