Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phyto, the Sproutwells New Puppy!

Did you remember my post here before about a family of a typical fruit and veggie living among humans who are trying to fit in our world? Well, I got something to tell you about them now!

The sproutwells has their latest addition to the family now named, Phyto, their new puppy! Cool! They have also this cute and funny family member named Baby Green whom I chose as my personal favorite because the character is just so adorable - period. The whole new episode is really cute and unique. I liked every scenes of it. Lastly, you know what's the mystery surrounding these cartoons and its maker, Well, I guess, it's just simply campaigning for a greener world and a healthier life with some rewards for those who'll join them! Yes! You read it right! So quick...let's join them now!

For the meantime, watch the Sproutwells sprout up in this video!

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