Friday, August 22, 2008

Monetize Your Blog!

Hi fellow bloggers! Are you looking for other possible ways for monetizing your blog at the same time you're writing about the things you love? Aha! I've got good news for you! iHype Beta is now open for business, for advertisers and of course for YOU, publishers!

iHype delivers a powerful socialsphere marketing platform that empowers online marketers with the ability to market their products & services in a deep, organic, grass-roots online social approach through an exponentially growing web of individual and institutional web publishers. At, publishers are able subscribe to opportunities that some advertisers have launched. This innovatively fluid exchange of advertisers and publishers allows marketers to leverage the online socialsphere, while providing all publishers with an avenue to generate substantial new revenue!

I am a member of iHype for over a month now and I can say that their marketplace is just as easy and simple as eating peanuts! Also, I observed that their opportunities' price don't cost below $10 that makes it more exciting! Lastly, iHype allows publishers to monetize their site traffic, space and social status with substantial revenue earnings. For more information on how can help your business, visit or contact them today!

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