Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Increase Your Sales Today!

Do you own a website that sells stuffs and all that to all you readers but don't accept credit cards online as a way of payment? Well, think again! Did you know that when you accept credit cards online, you can expect your sales to increase by an astounding 50 to 400%? You simply can't compete if you don't accept credit cards.

At Charge.com, you can start accepting credit cards on your web site in less than 24 hours! As a bonus in accepting credit cards on your web site in real-time, you will also receive their simple-to-use, web-based credit card processing terminal so you can process transactions manually. Cool! If you apply at Charge.com, you will be paying $0.00 for setup and application fees for your merchant accounts and pay $0.00 for your software to accept online payments (a $395 value)!

So start increasing your sales now! Apply today with Charge.Com because you can't get prices any lower than theirs!

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