Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Iligan City in RED ALERT!

As I am writing this post, I am also listening to our radio in order for me to know what is now happening in Iligan City. I live here. I am nervous together with my family. Iligan City is still in red alert and under in the state of calamity. The curfew hours from 10PM to 5AM was still imposed like yesterday. As what I've heard a while ago from our local radio station, all the high land parts of Iligan city like, Puga-an, Rogongon, Tipanoy, Mandulog (very near us) and others are in full alert with soldiers scattered all over these places and also in the main part of the city. The city mayor again suspended the class and work for tomorrow. Indeed, Iligan City is under the state of calamity. Most of the business establishments and some companies here are not operating because of this commotion. There may be some business houses that still operate but they close very early so they'll never be caught in the dark.

Right now, we are ready with our clothes in our traveling bags and my father's car ready to go out of the garage for us to transfer in Cagayan de Oro city together with my neighboring relatives. We haven't heard any firing guns yet but we will always be ready. Right at this very moment, the radio commentator is always repeating that we have to stay calm because the city police and other soldiers from the neighboring cities and regions are in full alert for any unwelcomed visitors that might enter our city. Of course right now we are calm. We can never make our own "panic" to be one of our worst enemy. We stay quiet, calm and wait.

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  1. Uy, musta na? Hope you and your family is doing fine. Pero in fairness, buti nablog mo pa. God bless :)