Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home Alone

It's been almost a week now that my brother and sisters went to Cagayan de Oro city to have their minds rested due to the unkind commotion that our place had experienced. Although at this time it is now quiet peaceful here, still they don't want to go home because they were not sure yet about the real score of the situation and of course they still want to go shopping! Wohho (as if they have lots of money! Hehehe). And also, my mother went to CDO city too yesterday not just to meet my sisters there but to do have her paper works done with regards to her..aahhh...I don't know! HEhehe!

And so I am alone in the house with my father. Fortunately or unfortunately what so ever (what?), my father works every day living me alone in the house, so I am alone still! Hehehe! Although I miss some members of my family, I am not sad! Why? Because no other one will use the computer but...ME! (*devil's laugh*). BWahahahahahahhahaha!

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