Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great American Seafood

Yum! When I hear something like "recipes", "specialties", "desserts", "sea foods" and etc, excitement to taste all of those would really ignite me. I am addicted to foods, I admit it, because even though how fast and a big eater I am, I never really get fat, and I liked it.

I like sea foods too. In fact it is my second favorite. And so I am glad that I found this website called that showcases five chefs with their mouth watering domestic seafood recipes! Actually, that website is a home for an annual cook off between those five amazing chefs. Cool! Also, the cook off is participated with only the best chefs all over America so you can be sure that what you get and what you can see is also the best sea food recipes!

I have this personal favorite entry there. It's called Pan Roasted Glazed Rockfish with Peas and Carrots. Aha! Even just with its name, I am hungry now! My favorite entry is a recipe from Maryland's chef named Chef Tafari Campbell. I particularly liked that "rockfish" thing because of two main reasons. One, I like roasted foods especially when cooked with attitude and style and second, I like those peas and carrots, for sure that recipe really tastes good! And if given a chance to alter that favorite recipe of mine, hhmmm I would just add some potatoes on it....coz I love potatoes!

Now, maybe most of us really liked sea foods right? For me my reason is that, sea foods are fresh, they come from that natural sea that make it tastes awesome! In addition, we can really get great benefits from it. Some of which is that, fishes are actually our heart's best friend because it is low in fats! Also some varieties of fishes and seashells have very high antioxidant E, aside from vitamins E, C, D, and A that can strengthen our immune system! Anyway, why don't you drop by at their site and vote for your favorite recipe using domestic, sustainable seafood and enter to win a "Trip to New Orleans" prize package including two Southwest Airline round trip tickets, hotel accommodations, dining experiences and more!

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