Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Human Computer Interaction Report

We are now in the 2nd Chapter of our major subject, Human Computer Interaction or HCI. My professor grouped all of us in the class into I think 7 groups?! I can't remember. Hehehe.

I am in group two. The topic she gave us was about Output Devices. These devices such as, computer monitors and etc. Funny it was, my group mates assigned me as their leader. I don't know why they chose me.. Hehehehe.

And so we discussed on that day how will we divide our reports. Without hesitations, all of us agreed that we will just do it in the next day.

The "next" day arrived. And so as a leader, I was the one who divided the reports. I decided that I'll just take the first topics, the Introduction, The Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) and Raster Scan. I read it last night and it was not difficult. I gave my group mates their own topics and I still don't know whether or not they have finished making it..coz..me? I haven't finished it also. LOL.

Good luck for us tomorrow! : )

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  1. good luck sa inyo. xD
    matatapos niyo yan.
    alam mo naman, the power of CRAMMING,