Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amazing Babies

Now, let me start this post by asking you to differentiate "genius" from "gifted."

Yes, I know we don't have that very the same interpretation and meaning of those words in our minds. The word "genius" is as broad as "gifted" and "gifted" is as dynamic as "genius." But do we ever realize what makes these two words common? Did we really predict it so well how this two words be possible to define those 12-month to two-year old babies that indeed made them amazing?

Shocked? It was also my first reaction after seeing that smart baby pointing and doing the things written by the man or that maybe his dad on that small board. It's unbelievable at first but when the video continued to roll as I watch it, I slowly becoming convinced that it is possible to make a baby genius!

The video amazingly showcases brilliant babies taught using flash card method, multi-sensory and as well as computer software. When you teach your baby these good ways, there will always be a greater chance for them to be called genius and gifted! Just give them the chance to learn and LOVE learning.

Hey, can you now define genius and gifted?

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