Monday, July 14, 2008

Addicted to Blogging

When I started blogging last February this year, I really never find it very much exciting and worthy of my time. I did not get serious in making posts and even forget to update this blog. I don't know maybe I have just other things which I think need much of my time and attention.

But as months gone by, I started to visit other blogs and somehow appreciate their post most especially the blog designs. I am really having fun of making my own website but I am just so lazy that I have to delete that site in one of he free-web hosting over the Internet because laziness caught me.

As what I was saying, I started to appreciate other blogs aside form mine. I started reading their posts and observe other stuffs they put in their blogs. Surprisingly, I often found "Blogroll" sections on the other blogs and I was then curious about it. I started exploring it and amazed how blogs and bloggers are connected with each other through this thing called "Blogroll." Since I don't want to be left behind, I started creating my "Blogroll." I visited sites and blogs and ask for the so-called "exlinks" to those blogs that I thought would be great if added in my "Blogroll." I was never disappointed with the result. Then on I realized that almost all of the bloggers here in blogosphere are so friendly and very much hospitable. I discover new friendship. I meet people from around the world, I make "kumusta" to my "kababayan" abroad and was able to share my simple thoughts regarding the things that affect our daily lives dramatically.

For the five months of inactive and active blogging, I can say that at this very moment, I AM REALLY ADDICTED TO BLOGGING.

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