Friday, June 27, 2008

Windows XP D-Day Arrives

Recently, Microsoft Corporation made it official that on Monday, June 30 will be the last day they'll going to sell Windows XP to the masses. This is after how many days of rumors and delays regarding the extension of the selling of the product.

Microsoft believed that a better world is a Vista World. However, some computers in the world will still remain XP for it isn't powerful enough for Vista.

Although I am for XP and not for Vista, I am not in panic about the said loss of XP in the marketplace. I believe that the the circulation of XP in the marketplace will never be gone. The product will be still available through many channels in the years to come. As a proof, EBay is still selling a thousand copies and usually sells it for less than $100.

And for those present XP users, like me, let's not worry a lot. Microsoft has recently pledged to keep supporting XP, including the release of security updates, all the way through 2014. So XP users needn't fret that you'll suddenly be victimized by hackers due to unpatched security flaws. Updates should work exactly as you're used to them currently through the Windows Update system.


  1. I don't like windows XP. I don't care if theyre gonna stop on selling it.

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  2. oh i still like my old windows. that sucks. vista is kinda hard to understand.

  3. Here in the Philippines, they stopped selling XPs licenses since last year pa, I just don't know about the media kit and the OEM ones, but still, if you buy a license for Vista you still have an option to use XP.