Friday, June 20, 2008

Tired - PERIOD!

I can still remember summer when I was sooooo excited to go to school again to mingle again with my peers and to experience more the sweat-dripping challenge that my professors will give. It was those summer days when sometimes I get so bored because I'm not at school.

And now, it has all changed! I'm in school now. Mingling with my closest peers and laughing with them. Sharing every joke we have in mind. Haaaaayyyy..and the worst is..AGAIN, we are facing the new challenges OUR professors are burdening us. OOOOhhhhwww no! Let me just share to you what keeps me so stressed out this days!


1. Our MSU-IIT Museum Inventory, Forecasting and Inventory System, the one we are making, is still NOT DONE! And now, I still have an INCOMPLETE rating for that one majot subject, CSC182.

2. The fact that I must overload my Subject Units next semester in order for me to reach my parents expectation - TO GRADUATE!

3. I am now afraid AGAIN, that...I can't finish our Thesis for this semester, The Course Shifting System. But i'll just hope for the best! :)

4. Etcetera!

All that stuff and "other" stuffs make me soooooooo TIRED!


  1. waaahh!!!! ayaw nalang sa humana ang imo thesis marky para dungan ta graduate! nyahahaha.. ;)

  2. hahahahahh! lagi ai, gi kapoy na kaaoy ko aning eskwela oi! pero walay mabuhat kay ang mama ug papa gusto jud na mo graduate! Haaaayy..

    pero ayos jud japon mo graduate! :)

  3. dili ko ganahan mugraduate..hehe. gusto ko magskwela pa ko (ug mamiga) :)